Professional,Relaible and dedicated Dog walking services- Portsmouth based but can travel within reasonable distance. Pet first aid trained & CPR, trained in dog socialising and obedience and i am also fully insured and DBS checked.

These are the services i offer;

  • Dog Walking 
  • Pack Walks 
  • Solo Walks 
  • Pet Sitting (currently day only, not overnight)
  • Check in's (feed, let out, sit with)
  • Complementary Initial meet & greet so i can meet your dog and they can meet me. I usually like to take them on a small walk up to 30 minutes just to get used to their behaviour and best places to walk them.

Passionate about all animals especially dogs. I was brought up around labradors and cocker spaniels and for the past 16 years i have had jack russells. There is nothing more i enjoy than meeting new dogs and studying dog behaviour.

I am looking to expand into offering overnight sitting/boarding within the next 12 months, whilst learning dog training from puppy ages through to senior years. Right now i am enjoying discovering all of your dogs favourite places to walk i dont just take them to the same park. I love building and  creating new bonds and trust with all the dogs i look after.I get excited with each  new dog i take on and all the different breeds i walk.I have 2 Jack Russell's of my own who love going on pack walks with them too- they love it! I walk no more than 4 at a time so i can makesure its safe and manageable (and obviously enjoyable). I do prefer doing 1 on 1 walks as it just gives me the time to get to know each individual dog and create that relationship.

Meet some of the pack...